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Important Notification

The African American Connection (AAC) is not yet open to the public. At present we are still in development and have plans to publicly launch this site in 2021.

We are currently conducting a pre-registration campaign, which involves the recruitment and training of our member merchant pioneers, who will represent their goods/services within the AAC online national mall.

We are still in development and will be iPhone/I pad compatible upon completion of the AAC domain in 2021. Due to the current economic situation, in conjunction with the need for financial options throughout our collective communities. The African American Connection is currently enrolling member merchants through our preregistration campaign, which can be accessed on any laptop or desktop computer. Enrollment and training for AAC member merchants is a limited to 25 member merchants per month. LEARN MORE AT YOUR DESKTOP/LAPTOP AT WWW.AACFORUSBYUS.COM

“Coming together is our beginning, staying together is our progress, working together puts us on the path to our economic success!”