The AAC is a, first of its kind, ecommerce domain that consist of a National cash back shopping Mall, connected to a member merchant enrollment and training center that consolidates the core constituencies of economics such as new startup businesses, brick-n-mortar businesses, professional service businesses along with existing websites that already have a presence on the world wide web. In addition, the AAC has incorporated a youth-based business training program and a community-based jobs through e-business program – all of which operate within a one stop turnkey online marketing community that has been engineered to consolidate African American enterprise to be more effective in our individual and collective pursuit of economic progress as well as making these enterprises conveniently accessible to African American consumers.

The AAC is different in several ways that makes it unique to other initiatives with similar objectives involved in improving African American individual financial opportunities along with overall economic wellbeing – here are a few: 1.) 70% of the net annual revenue will be shared by AAC shoppers (cash back shopping) and member merchants, who will share 50% of AAC net annual revenue by meeting the AAC member merchant requirement, that consist of the procedures laid out by the AAC for revenue sharing requirements. 2.) the AAC has engineered its website to consolidate, support and train all aspects of enterprising activities that make up the sales of goods and services throughout our collective communities. 3.) the AAC’s youth-based e-business program, in addition to our time honor community-based institution program, are unique both in their respective functionality and their incorporation into an overall economic strategy that is designed to be both comprehensive and sustainable through the design and implementation of their placement within the AAC. 4.) The AAC is the most thoroughly researched effort ever put forth to address the economic disparities, which have doggedly hampered the financial and economic progress attributed to African American citizens and is based on the most successful economic initiatives launched and written about by notable African Americans i.e. Marcus Garvey, the Universal negro improvement association (UNIA), 1919 Co-ops, Dr. Amos Wilson, Claude Anderson, Elijah Muhammad and many others (10 years of research into this subject) throughout our historical economic struggles to achieve economic consolidation and progress.

All AAC member merchants, apart from non-African American corporations and our youth business development program, who meets the requirements of completing their enrollment into the AAC i.e., properly opening and operating their respective stores along with the time requirement of one year, shall share in the net annual revenue earned by the AAC (up to 70% of net annual revenue is set aside for this purpose. 2.) Shared marketing i.e., by having most of the African American enterprise operating at one destination, it will not only prove to be a convenience for our consumers, but the cost of marketing is shared through a collective marketing strategy in that the goal becomes driving the consumer to one destination. This is like the tested and proven strategy that competing competitors utilize when operating in a Mall. The AAC system allows the AAC shopper to visit all AAC merchants displaying their goods or services within the AAC national online Mall, which exponentially magnifies both driving customers to the location of your business as well as revenue e.g., 300 member merchants driving 10 potential customers per day to the AAC Shopping portal = 3,000 customers per day, that is 21,000 customers per week times four weeks = 84,0000 visitors per month or 1.8 million potential customers per year. Based on this simple equation, if each potential customer spends on average $10 x the annual of 1.8 million potential customers = $10,080,000, divided by 300 merchants on average equals $33,600 in revenue divided by these hypothetical 300 member merchants. 3.) Through our motto of "In Business for yourself, not by yourself" the AAC member merchant will have access, through our weekly webinars, which are conducted right over your computer within the convenience, comfort and safety of your home or office to all the educational, technical, and training support required to open and operate a successful online website business.

(I will give you guys the opportunity to answer this one and provide any other answers and questions that you feel will be relevant to our FAQ segment. The ability for any ethnic group to thrive requires some degree of self-autonomy, that is based on self-participation. Without some degree of self-autonomy/self-participation, the environment is regulated to the existence that we find ourselves struggling in today. For one to thrive on the physical level requires adequate food, clothing, and shelter. And on the cognitive level, it requires the right educational and cultural institutions. However, none of these requirements are achievable without creating a strong system that is designed to consolidate the financial resources of the group, as an economic foundation, that consolidates, those financial resources, in such a way, that is contributes to the needs of the group, to thrive.

No. Not as a stand-alone issue. It is instead, an intelligent act in response to the racist policies which have infringed upon the creative rights of African Americans to help themselves. This is especially true after relying upon a failed system, who’s policies thus far, have done little more than to regulate the citizens of the African American community – to the margins of economic reality and sustainability.6,)

Currently the African American Connection is conducting its pre-registration campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to enroll enough AAC member merchants within the various enterprising categories (see enrollment center to populate our AAC online national mall with the various goods or services that are represented by our AAC member merchants. You can register today or any time of your choosing, by clicking here and filling out our enrollment registration questionnaire and paying your monthly AAC membership dues in the corresponding amount.

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