African American Connection Customer Service Pledge

The African American Connection recognizes that Customer Service and customer satisfaction is truly critical to the success of its business initiative, and therefore value your continued support and participation.

We Pledge to always put you, our valued customer first, and therefore seek to understand and resolve any and all challenging areas or concerns you may have, with regards to any technological functionality within this African American Shopping Center platform.

We Pledge to communicate respectfully and professionally with you regarding your inquiries for help or assistance with navigating our Shopping Center platform.

We Pledge to you that we will maintain the highest standard, for not only out customer service, to you, but also will demand the same from all of our participating Member Merchants and Associated Groups.

We Pledge our sincere commitment towards a continued pursuit of professional excellence in every aspect of our engaging responsive communication with you, our valued customers and shoppers.

We Pledge our sincere commitment to you in assisting you in every practical, available manner to assure your experience within the African American Connection and the African American Shopping Center, will be one truly memorable, productive, beneficial, appreciative and rewarding.

We thank you for your continued support!!

One community...One Solution...One Future!

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