African American Connection

1.) Our “Consumer “ Mission is to create a one stop, turn-key e-commerce platform that will provide the African American consumers throughout our collective communities, with the long overdue convenience of being able to access a wide variety of goods and services, from a single one stop destination.

2.) Our “member merchant” Mission is to consolidate the core constituencies of economic activities throughout the African American business community within a uniquely engineered system, which has been thoughtfully designed and titled by us as dual marketing. This allows African American businesses to reap the obvious benefits from marketing their respective goods or services within the structure of an African American e-commerce platform. While simultaneously marketing on the world wide web outside of the AAC e-commerce platform, thereby eliminating all possible concerns for any of the historical discriminatory practices which have been providing various barriers of hindrances, and obstacles that have traditionally hampered and marginalized the true growth and success of many African American entrepreneurs and business enterprises for decades - all from a single webstore platform.

3.) The overall mission of The African American Connection is comprehensive, and has been thoughtfully engineered to bring intrinsic value with viable solutions towards rectifying the economic plight of African Americans. It has been constructed upon the most researched study into our past and current economic struggles, to more effectively harness our economic power, to serve in the economic growth and development of African American peoples and their communities. This, once in a generation design, is the most practical and functionally engineered African American e-commerce platform ever developed "by" us and "for" us, appealing to both the long overdue need for Self-Sufficiency, encouraging Self-Determination and fostering Self-Reliance for African Americans, and designed to instill a much greater and needed pride and commitment towards attaining and achieving our desired economic aspirations within the ethnicity.

One community...One Solution...One Future!

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